May 2023 Pupdate for Jigsaw

Posted 5/18/2023

Jigsaw is a big hearted love of a dog. He bonds with all his heart to his person and makes you feel so good when he lights up with happiness as he sees you. Even though I say he loves you with all his heart, he still always has room to love yet anther person. During his down-time he enjoys hanging out with with the techs and a couple toys in the kennel.

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The picture is of a golden retriever playing with a figure eight style tug toy. He is bouncing with his front feet off the ground and his body curved toward the camera.
This is a side view of a Golden Retriever sitting in harness on a wooden planked bridge with the slats of the handrail and dense green foliage in the background.  His head is turned to the camera showing his shiny black nose and eyes in his handsome face.