May 2023 Pupdate for Kendrick

Posted 5/18/2023

Happy May from the regal pup himself, Kenny G! Lately Kendrick and I have been cruising around town getting a lay of the land. He has such a great attitude while working and especially loves when he gets pets on his back! His current favorite destination is a bagel shop where he settles so nicely! I will never get tired of how sophisticated he looks when he lays down and crosses his two front legs. Thank you again for raising such a fantastic dog!

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A tall, handsome, yellow labrador retriever named Kendrick is standing diagonally looking towards the camera. He is wearing his brown guide dog harness and is standing on the cement road. There are tall trees filling up the background behind him.
Kendrick is laying down on the concrete in the fenced in community run area. He is enjoying gnawing on a large nylabone that he has nestled in between his front paws