May 2023 Pupdate for Nimoy

Posted 5/18/2023

Nimoy continues to radiate happiness here in Oregon! He is always up for a challenge and loves channeling his cheerful spirits into his work. When out on route I often find myself calling him Neem for short. He enjoys a good game of tug after routes along with some back scratches. During his downtime on campus, he is happiest chewing on his bone on top of the play structures or at the foot of any staff member. His goofy smile is a surefire way to make my day better than it already was!

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A very handsome yellow lab golden cross, Nimoy, is sitting on a concrete road with tall lush trees spread throughout the background. He is wearing his brown guide dog harness and a very cute smile with his tongue hanging out.
Nimoy is laying on the concrete in our fenced in community run area. He has a nylabone in between his two front paws that he is chewing on. There are play structures in the background of the photo.