May 2023 Pupdate for Nonie

Posted 5/18/2023

Nonie is stoked to share that she started training! Her goofy demeanor and extra-long tongue have dubbed her the nickname "Nonie Balonie," though she is a bit more of a ham than bologna. She is so thankful for the spring weather as it makes perfect conditions to spend some more time outdoors chewing on a bone. Even through all of her training, she still makes time to cuddle with her handler.

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Young female yellow lab/golden cross, Nonie, sits on concrete in front of a forested road. She wears her GDB harness and looks directly into the camera.
Young female yellow lab/golden cross, Nonie, lays down atop of a bright green play structure. She holds a bone to chew between her front paws and has a calm look on her face.