May 2024 Pupdate for Alpine

Posted 5/16/2024

Alpine currently goes by the nickname "Bear" or "Polar Bear" due to his large size and white-colored coat. He is one of the happiest, silliest dogs who always puts a smile on everyone's face. He is doing a great job maintaining a professional demeanor when he puts on his guide dog harness and loves to go out and work. This week, he enjoyed settling at an ice cream shop on a hot day and showed off his incredible settling skills when two small dogs sat at the next table. Great work puppy raisers!

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Alpine sits in a GDB harness with his mouth giving the impression of a smile. In the background is a brightly painted mural that says
Alpine chews on a benebone while lying on a blue dog bed. Both front paws are wrapped around the bone to hold it in the perfect position to chew.