May 2024 Pupdate for Arcade

Posted 5/16/2024

Arcade has set a new high score for cuteness here in Oregon! This little girl isn’t just here to play Pac-Man or Galaga, she’s started training this month! We love her bubbling personality that instantly mirrors her instructor: when it’s time to be serious, she’s always ready to focus on a lesson, and when it’s time to be silly, she’s ready to have fun. One thing’s for sure- this is the only Arcade that we know of that can wag it’s tail in agreement. We’re so lucky to have this girl training with us in Oregon.

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Arcade, a female black lab, sits on a wooden platform in her GDB harness. She looks up with a content expression on her face.
Arcade, a female black lab, stands on a green plastic play structure in one of our community run areas. She looks up at the camera and wears a goofy expression with her tongue hanging out to the left.