May 2024 Pupdate for Barley

Posted 5/16/2024

Barley wishes you a happy May from the Oregon Campus! She has been enjoying settling in and getting to go on lots of campus adventures with the kennel techs! When she isn't sunbathing in her run, or chilling in the A/C chewing on a bone, she's happy to run around in community run with her friends and play tug! We are really enjoying getting to know this pretty pup. Thanks for raising such a sweet and silly girl!

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A close up of Barley, a yellow lab showing off her silly side by laying on her back smiling at the camera. She has one leg on the fleece she is laying on and other reaching toward the camera. Her ears are flipped up beneath her.
Barley in community run running towards the camera. she has 3 feet in the air and her mouth open. Below here are several gonut figure 8 tug toys and some nylabones.