May 2024 Pupdate for Buffy

Posted 5/16/2024

Hello from Buffy! While Buffy spends much of her time with her wonderful, loving foster care family, when she is on campus she enjoys hanging out with the CWTTs, working on Kongs, taking long walks and sunning herself on beautiful, sunny days.

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Buffy, an adorable black lab is sitting squarely on a gravel path on a sunny day while on a walk on a trail on the Oregon campus. Behind her is green foliage. She is staring at the camera intently with her dark brown eyes and massive floppy ears hoping for a snack.
Buffy, an adorable black lab is standing in an xpen in the center section of one of the Oregon kennels. She is standing on a cozy bed covered with an elephant print sheet and a blanket with clouds and stars. One of her paws grips the kong for stability, her ear flopping upside down and you can catch a glimpse of the tiniest bit of her pink tongue.