May 2024 Pupdate for Doralyn

Posted 5/16/2024

Doralyn continues to fly through her training on track and experiencing so many new areas of Portland along the way! As she comes closer to her final testing, Doralyn finds ease in riding escalators, navigating revolving doors, stopping for low-hanging tree branches, and finding pathways through crowds of people. She is a true people-pleaser and her willingness to try is one of her best attributes! After a long route, Doralyn LOVES to grab the "stuffed toy of the day" and tug and thrash it about!

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Doralyn sits, in harness, in front of a flat, wooden wall labeled
Doralyn sits on a red, plastic staircase in a fenced play yard. Pausing her playtime only for the photo, she is facing the camera while panting - her mouth open and tongue out. Pictured in the background are various trees with green foliage and the bark chips that cover the ground.