May 2024 Pupdate for Dorothy

Posted 5/16/2024

Dorothy is turning out to be such an amazing hearing dog. She is excelling at her sound work and is quickly able to source the sound and alert her handler with a firm tap to the leg. Dorothy is now working through her third sound in the training apartment - the smoke alarm. She gets quite excited when she gets it right, not only because she gets a delicious treat, but she also gets lots of praise from her handler. Dorothy is an amazing working dog who is taking her role quite seriously and it is a beautiful transition to witness. She still has her silly moments, which are so much fun to watch. Fun Fact: Dorothy has met several other new doggie friends who love to play tug just as much as she does (which is hard to believe!)

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Yellow Lab Dorothy looks directly at the camera while sitting wearing a green vest.
Yellow Lab Dorothy wears a cute expression and a green service dog vest. She sits on a mosaic of stones with a wood fence behind her.