May 2024 Pupdate for Genesis

Posted 5/16/2024

Happy May from Genesis! Over these past few weeks, Genesis has explored SO many new areas of Portland with her team! Just recently, we walked Downtown Portland, navigated busy bookshops, rode elevators in the mall, and settled at a neighborhood cafe. When not on route, she LOVES to zoomie around the different play yards on campus and romp around with her dog-friends in community run. She is a sweet girl who loves adventure and cuddles!

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A yellow, Lab-Golden cross sits on a gray, plastic toybox in community run. She is facing the camera and her mouth is slightly agape in what appears to be a content smile.
A yellow, Lab-Golden cross lies belly-up on the pavement with her trainer's arm pictured rubbing her chest. Her front paws are curved down with one of them wrapped around her trainer's arm while she receives her pets.