May 2024 Pupdate for Jetson

Posted 5/16/2024

Jetson continues to fly through his training on track and experiencing so many new areas of Portland along the way! As he comes closer to his final testing, Jetson finds ease in riding escalators, navigating revolving doors, stopping for low-hanging tree branches, and finding pathways through crowds of people. His calm and confident demeanor while guiding is one of his best attributes and I trust that he will get me from point A to B safely. After a long route, Jetson thoroughly enjoys playing tug with the "stuffed toy of the day".

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Jeston lies down, in harness, on a white tile floor. He is laying underneath a small table with green plastic chairs around it. Not pictured, but to the right of the camera is an indoor ice-rink that we stopped at to watch the ice skaters practice.
Jetson lies down in community run on a flat, green, bone-shaped structure. He is facing the camera while chewing on a beige Nylabone.