May 2024 Pupdate for Kimmel

Posted 5/16/2024

Kimmel has been so much fun to get to know over the past few weeks! He has impressed us with his leash manners and his adorable habit of crossing his paws when he lays down. His favorite things to do on campus are go for walks, keep our staff members company in their offices during the week, and run with his favorite toys in the free-run area.

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A portrait of Kimmel, a yellow Labrador Retriever, sitting and posing nicely for the camera. He is looking at the camera with a closed mouth and sitting on green turf.
Kimmel, a yellow Labrador Retriever, is trotting towards the camera with an orange rubber toy in his mouth. He's in the free-run area with green turf and a chain-link fence in the background.