May 2024 Pupdate for Kylie

Posted 5/16/2024

“Kylie-Aye” is a superb little worker! She’s always excited to see what the new day brings in, and when her guidework routes come to an end you can almost hear her say “Aw man, already??” She has been enjoying her time in foster care, where she gets to snuggle constantly with her fellow training dog roommate. Thank you for all the hard work it took to get Kylie ready for “college”!

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Kylie sits wearing a harness and rear-foot booties, looking at the camera. She’s sitting in front of a large window; in the background is a cityscape with tall buildings. If you look very closely, you may be able to see another guide dog instructor team in the background, waving at the camera :)
Kylie stands in a fenced in grassy area with her front feet on a tree stump-shaped play structure. She is looking toward the camera and appears to be glowing in the sunlight.