May 2024 Pupdate for Pogo

Posted 5/16/2024

Pogo has sprung into training this month, getting to bounce into all kinds of new elements and learning lots of new things. And while his studies keep him busy during the day, he’s making good friends in the kennels and loves to hang out with his new roommate. He’s happy to work hard during his training sessions, but he’s also no stranger to asking for a hug when the time is right (and we’re happy to give him one!). We’re so glad he’s here in Oregon and are looking forward to getting to know him more and more.

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Pogo, a male yellow lab/golden cross, sits on a wooden platform in his GDB harness. He looks up at the camera with a stoic expression; green foliage is out of focus in the background.
Pogo, a male yellow lab/golden cross, leaps onto a blue plastic play structure in one of our community run areas. A figure-8 style goughnut toy hangs from his mouth.