May 2024 Pupdate for Powers

Posted 5/16/2024

Powers is learning how to harness his superpowers and started formal training to be a guide dog this month! While his electric eyes, radiant personality, and affectionate expressions are our kryptonite, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing that can quash Powers’ powers. It’s so much fun to watch him seamlessly transition from silly playtime (where he’s earned the nickname, “Pow-Man”) to serious work time. We’re so lucky to have him here in Oregon and are excited to see where his path takes him.

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Powers, a male yellow lab, is midair as he jumps onto a blue plastic play structure in one of our community run areas. He holds a figure-8 style goughnut toy in mouth.
Powers, a male yellow lab, sits on a wooden platform in his GDB harness. He looks up at the camera with bright brown eyes; there is green foliage out of focus in the background.