May 2024 Pupdate for Raelyn

Posted 5/16/2024

Raelyn graduated from our Dogs for Better Lives training program in March as an official Certified Hearing Assistance dog and is currently waiting to be placed with her new client. She has been matched with a mother of a lovely family. Raelyn successfully mastered alerting to the sound of a baby crying so she can use that skill with her new family. While she awaits her placement, Raelyn has been keeping her sound work skills sharpened and refined. Her trainer Melissa said Raelyn has been a joy to work with, making her job as a trainer very easy! She gets lots of walks and loving from our staff and volunteers to keep her happy! She shares a kennel with another dog in training, and they both get along very well together, playing with the same toy, and absolutely love cuddling together on the same dog bed. Very cute to see!

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Yellow Lab Raelyn sniffs the green grass while lying down wearing a black leash.
Yellow Lab Raelyn wears a red collar and black leash and looks directly at the camera while on a walk with green bushes in the background.