May 2024 Pupdate for Strawberry

Posted 5/16/2024

Happy May from Strawberry! Strawberry continuously blows me away with her work. She picks up new concepts quickly and has a calm confidence about her when she’s doing guidework. In her downtime she enjoys playing in community run and chewing on nylabones, and she always enjoys some snuggles and scratches after a route. She is also enjoying having a new roommate, a male yellow Labrador/Golden cross.

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Strawberry sits in front of some magenta and bright red flowering bushes. She is wearing a guide dog harness and looking at the camera.
Strawberry playing with a stuffy toy while on leash in front of the kennels on the Oregon campus. She is jumping up in the air with her mouth open and paws up in an attempt to catch the tossed toy.