May 2024 Pupdate for Techno

Posted 5/16/2024

Greetings from Techno! As you can imagine, Techno has stolen every heart that he encounters on campus. Other than his dashing good looks, he is so joyful and well-mannered. My favorite part of working with Techno is the way he wiggles his whole body and pushes his head through the guide dog harness when I show it to him; it is clear this boy loves his job! Thank you for raising sweet Techno!

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Handsome brindle lab Techno proudly sits in his guide dog harness along a gravel path. The Oregon forest can be seen behind him. He has a relaxed panting face as he soulfully stares into the camera.
Techno, a brindle lab sits in a hollowed out faux log within a grassy area. He has a joyful, soft expression to his face with a light pant and soulful gaze into the camera.