May 2024 Pupdate for Trek

Posted 5/16/2024

Trek continues to progress through his training while experiencing so many new areas of Portland along the way! As he comes closer to his final testing, Trek has navigated through revolving doors, weaved through crowds of people and learned how to stop for low-hanging branches/objects. He is a sweet boy who tries his best at everything he does. After a long route, Trek LOVES to grab the "stuffed toy of the day" and tug and thrash it about!

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A black Lab sits in harness, back boots and head collar in front of an indoor ice rink. He is facing the camera while a skater is pictured passing by in the background.
A black lab is standing on a red, plastic staircase in a fenced play yard. He has an energetic look on his face as the camera snaps a close-up of him at the top of the stairs, mouth open. In the background, various trees are pictured, as well as the surrounding bark chips that cover the ground.