November 2023 Pupdate for Arden

Posted 11/16/2023

Arden is a lovable, affable, affectionate young man. He works with vigor and decisiveness, but also enjoys settling with his handler and can turn "work mode" on in a single verbal cue. This past month he has been all over the bay area, experiencing train, city, universities, malls and everything in between. Arden enjoys all environments so long as you give him physical praise, and kibble.

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Arden is pictured sitting in harness staring at the camera with his big brown eyes. He is sitting in front of a green backdrop with a wreath made up of all colors and white block letters that say LOVE. He is also wearing bright yellow booties on his back feet.
Arden is pictured running off leash towards his handler in one of GDB's fenced in play yards/paddocks. His tail is high, mid-wag, and his mouth is open appearing to smile. There are large green trees, and a bright blue sky in the background.