November 2023 Pupdate for Cinder

Posted 11/16/2023

Hello! Cinder and I just met a few days ago for Week 1 of training - Yay! She is both sweet and energetic which is a fun combination to work with. She is always fully engaged in our training sessions and LOVES her kibble reinforcement. This week, we practiced learning the clicker, following collar cues, and ignoring distractions. Cinder also seems very excited to put her harness on, which is always so fun to see! After a training session, Cinder likes a good game of tug or a Nylabone to chew on.

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A black Lab stands on a red, plastic play-structure in community run. Her body is facing to the left as her face is tilted, inquisitively, towards the camera.
A black lab sits, in harness, on a wooden bench on the Oregon campus. She is sitting up very straight and looking directly into the camera.