November 2023 Pupdate for Cliff

Posted 11/16/2023

Hiya from Cliff! Mr. Cliff has many different names; we can’t even call them nicknames anymore because they are longer than the original! He tolerates the antics of being called Cliffy, Clifford, Clifftopher, Cliff Cliff, Cliff Cliff the Wonder Dog, and more! He is loving the end stages of guide dog training and of course continues to get the party started when playing with his roommate or other friends. This boy is a special one and I appreciate all you did to make him the special boy he is!

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Handsome yellow Labrador Retriever Cliff lies on a tile floor in an indoor mall. A bubbling fountain with spiky green plants are seen in the background.
Yellow Labrador Retriever Cliff sits atop a green play structure, while he takes a photo break from playtime with friends. He looks directly at the camera making the color variations of his snout and stellar whiskers easily visible in this photo.