November 2023 Pupdate for Crumpet

Posted 11/16/2023

Greetings from the Oregon campus! November's treating Mr. Crumpet well. With the cool weather, we can always find him embracing the cozy life, taking epic naps dreaming of playtime and puzzle toys. When it's time to get out into community run, catch him zipping through the play structures, bouncing around with a Nylabone in his mouth, and mastering the art of wiggling with pure joy. An absolute sweetheart and a constant source of smiles in our kennel!

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A light yellow lab sits in a damp cement play yard. He is looking up at the camera showing off his caramel colored eyes.
Crumpet is midair with all 4 feet of the ground leaping towards the camera. His ears have taken on an airplane wing look, presumably helping him catch more air and take flight! His reflection can be seen under him in the puddles, and some fall foliage is behind him.