November 2023 Pupdate for Dauphin

Posted 11/16/2023

Dauphin and the sit-stay, a story: Dauphin and I worked to Whole Foods. I placed him in a sit-stay at the self-check counter. As I finished paying the receipt started coming out of the machine, it was face level with him. The receipt slowly inched closer and closer until it was gently resting on his nose. Dauphin didn't budge. It was the most entertaining and impressive sit-stay. Well done.

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Dauphin a yellow, lab, male trots towards the camera. His tail is up, ears perked and he's sporting a boot on his hind right foot. The sun is shining.
Dauphin a yellow, lab, male stands at a curb edge looking up towards his handler. He is sporting a boot on his right front foot which is planted next to theirs. Dauphin is in harness. The handle reads