November 2023 Pupdate for Debut

Posted 11/16/2023

Happy November for Debut! Debut and I just began working together and she has already impressed me with her amazing skills! She is a great problem solver and loves going to coffee shops with me. She has been trucking through the Oregon rain like a champ. Debut has been having a blast playing with her favorite jolly ball in community run with her roommate. It has been such a joy working her and I really enjoy her sweet curious face and big wet kisses.

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Debut, a female yellow Labrador, sits on a cement sidewalk. She is sitting on a layer of red, yellow, and orange leaves. In the background there are yellow trees all around her. Debut is sitting in her guide dog harness looking at the camera.
Debut, a female yellow Labrador, stands on red and green plastic play structure in community run. She has her mouth and paw on a blue jolly ball. In the background is vibrant yellow trees.