November 2023 Pupdate for Fabio

Posted 11/16/2023

Hello! Fabio and I just met a few days ago for Week 1 of training - Yay! He is a very sweet and engaging boy. He wants to be an "A student" and it's very clear that he received a wonderful foundation before coming to campus. This week, we practiced learning the clicker, following collar cues, and ignoring distractions. He also got to try on his harness for the first time and begin some light training in it. After training, Fabio loves a play session or a relaxing cuddle.

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A yellow Lab with a reddish coat stands on a red, plastic play-structure in community run. He is craning his nose towards the camera waiting to receive a kibble reward.
A yellow Lab with a reddish coat lies down on a wooden bench on the Oregon campus. He is facing towards the camera as he stares with a focused expression.