November 2023 Pupdate for Guy

Posted 11/16/2023

Greetings from the Oregon Campus! November's in full swing, and this special Guy is stealing the spotlight. With the cool fall weather, we often see him on a comfy bed cuddling with the Kennel Techs, dreaming of kibble and peanut butter bones. Playtime perks? Zipping through play structures, indulging in chewing on some of his favorite Nylabones, and showcasing wiggles that rival a dance-off. A lovable, lively character who adds a touch of magic to our every day!

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Guy, a handsome reddish Lab, sits on his blue Karunda bed looking up at the camera. He has the tiniest bit of his tongue sticking out, as he's thinking about the kibble he's about to get!
A low to the ground shot of Guy, a reddish colored lab, chewing on a nylabone. He has his bone between his front feet and is in a bow position.