November 2023 Pupdate for Honesty

Posted 11/16/2023

Happy wiggles from the November scene on the Oregon campus! Honesty is all about those autumn vibes. We can often find her sprawled out on a comfy bed, enjoying her naps with her roommate and the CWTTs. Playtime? It's a whirlwind of activity – zooming through play structures, nibbling on Nylabones, and showcasing some top-tier wiggling skills. She is bundle of joy and a great cuddler!

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A very close up photo of a yellow lab with a pink nose. She is sitting on a red play structure and looking into the camera with her sweet brown eyes, expectant of a kibble for her perfect posing skills.
The same yellow lab is running towards the camera with all 4 feet off the ground. Her ears are flipped up and a lone nylabone can be seen behind her on the wet concrete of our play yard.