November 2023 Pupdate for Kahuna

Posted 11/16/2023

Happy November from Kahuna! This big, sweet boy and I have been exploring and working in different areas of Portland this month! Kahuna always brings a smile to my face with his wet slobbery kisses. He loves to go-go-go and has exceptional guide work. In community run he has started to enjoy running around with a jolly ball in his mouth and letting his roommate and friends chase him for it. Kahuna always turns heads on campus and we all love him and his big personality.

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Kahuna, a male yellow Labrador, stands on a concrete path with a wooded area behind him. There is an array of yellow, green, and red/orange leafed trees. He is standing in his guide dog harness looking at the camera.
Kahuna, a male yellow Labrador, lays on cement in community run. He has one paw on a red jolly ball and is actively licking the jolly ball as he stares at the camera.