November 2023 Pupdate for Katara

Posted 11/16/2023

Sweet lady “Kat” Katara has been welcomed to campus with open arms! Although she can’t control water with her mind like her namesake, she certainly can do her part in a good old-fashioned cuddle session. We love her wiggles and expressive eyes, and she’s having a blast as she’s gotten right to work here in Oregon. We’re so lucky to have her as she makes sure to get the right balance of learning and play time!

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Female yellow lab, Katara, sits on a wooden bench in her GDB harness. She wears a stoic expression and looks calmly at the camera, with bright yellow and green bushes out of focus in the background.
Female yellow lab, Katara, runs in a fenced in grassy area on our Oregon campus. She looks directly at the camera and holds a white plastic chew toy in her mouth. Her tail flies behind her in tow.