November 2023 Pupdate for Prancer

Posted 11/16/2023

Happy November from Prancer! Prancer dancer has been hearing all about what a good boy he is this month. Prancer always brings his wonderful drive and personality to his guide work. He has really shown what a confident and well rounded boy he is working in downtown Portland and new areas. This month, Prancer has been showing us what a game of competition-level tug with his friends in community run looks like, which always makes us laugh!

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Prancer, a male yellow Labrador, sits tall in harness on a sidewalk with a layer of leaves on it. There are trees full of red, brown, and yellow leaves. Prancer is looking at the camera.
Prancer, a male yellow Labrador, runs towards the camera in community run. He has a figure 8 rubber toy in his mouth and his ears are flipped out like an elephants and his tail is wagging.