November 2023 Pupdate for Pretoria

Posted 11/16/2023

Oh Pretoria! What an absolute joy it has been to work with you! Pretoria has been doing very well in all her training and really enjoys being in the big city of Portland along with the airport and IKEA here. Pretoria always has the best happy expression on her face when we work and it gives so many people joy to watch her when we go places. Go Pretoria!

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A yellow lab holds a black and red rug toy in her mouth in the middle of a tug game with a friend. Her body is stretched from mid-tug and has a determined look on her face. A red hose and wet cement are in the background.
A yellow lab in harness looks at the camera with a calm and curious look on her face. A multicolored leather leash is outstretched to the camera and behind her is a light rail station with tracks