November 2023 Pupdate for Supreme

Posted 11/16/2023

Hey there from the handsome golden boy, Supreme! November's rolling through, and our canine buddy is soaking up the good vibes and cool weather. Spot him lounging on a plush bed, catching some serious Zs with the CWTTs. When its time to go into Community Run, he's on a mission – conquering play structures, settling in with a Nylabone, and showing off the finest zoomies in town. A charming, affectionate pup who brings a daily dose of tail-wagging happiness to campus!

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a close up of a light Golden Retriever chewing on a nylabone. He is laying on a fleece in the kennel and has his eyes half closed with the nylabone in his open mouth.
a light Golden leaps in the air holding one of his favorite bones. he is jumping towards the camera, and a few different colorful play structures are behind him.