November 2023 Pupdate for Terry

Posted 11/16/2023

Terry is such a sweet and exuberant boy. He has been enjoying sniffy walks around the Oregon campus as well as daily cuddles. Terry and his roommate are best friends and have a very sweet relationship. We have loved getting to spend time with Terry! Terry is a kind dog with a zest for life. His favorite parts of the day include community run playtime with his buddies as well as his time resting on a comfy bed with a kennel technician.

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A close up portrait of a large, yellow lab male named Terry.  He is looking up towards the camera, a sweet look upon his face.
An action shot of Terry, a male yellow lab.  He is running towards his handler, with a figure 8 tug toy in his mouth.  Terry is in the community run area of the Oregon GDB campus.