November 2023 Pupdate for Volley

Posted 11/16/2023

Happy November from Volley! Volley has been showing off all her amazing skills this month. Everyone on campus always recognizes her sweet face and we love to call her our little "Volleyball". Volley has been working in new places this month and has continued to show us what a confident girl she is. Volley loves to go around community run and say hello to all the instructors and play with the jolly ball with her roommate and friends.

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Volley, a female yellow Labrador, sits on a cement sidewalk on top of a layer of yellow, red, and brown leaves. She is sitting in her harness and is looking at the camera. Volley is surrounded by a tree full of yellow leaves.
Volley, a female yellow Labrador, stands on a green plastic play structure in community run. She is looking at the camera with a red jolly ball at her feet. Behind her is a vibrant golden leafed tree.