November 2023 Pupdate for Winsome

Posted 11/16/2023

Hello from Winsome! November vibes are hitting strong, and "Winnie" is soaking it up. She is often found taking long naps on a comfy bed, and cozying up with the Kennel Techs during these cool fall days. But don't be fooled – when it's playtime, she's all in! Whether it's trotting around the play area with her friends, chewing on some of her favorite Nylabones, or engaging in some epic tug-of-war with her roommate, she's the life of the party. Sweet, snuggly, and an absolute joy to have around – this pup is stealing hearts left and right!

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A reddish colored golden trots towards the camera. The sun is reflecting off her coat, giving her a halo of sunlight above her head. She has her mouth open and a black and red gonuts tug ring can be seen behind her.
The same reddish golden retriever is hopping off of a play structure with a gonuts figure 8 tug ring in her mouth, her front feel are landing and her tail is flipped up behind her.