October 2023 Pupdate for Belvedere

Posted 10/19/2023

Happy October from Belvedere! Belvedere is a professional, hardworking, lovable, and tall yellow fellow. He is frequently referenced as "Mr. Belvedere" from the 80's sitcom show and was even able to listen to part of an episode while practicing his obedience skills. He loves to run around with his doggy friends and play with all of the toys we have to offer. Thank you for puppy-raising Belvedere!

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Belvedere is lying down in harness with his front two paws crossed over one another. His head is tilted to the side with a curious expression on his face as he looks into the camera.
Belvedere is running with a blue jolly ball in his mouth while he plays in community run. Both of his ears are flopping around and he has three paws in the air as he runs.