October 2023 Pupdate for Brian

Posted 10/19/2023

Instead of a statement, I'll share an anecdote. Weeks ago, Freight Train Brian went to Spirit Halloween. While in the store, a young child became scared and emotional at one the displayed props. The kid was asked if they wanted to, "Pet the dog". The kid immediately hugged Brian. Brian sat still for a second, wagged his tail across the floor and gave the scared child a single big lick. Like a cartoon lick that lifts the kid off the floor. All was right with the world after that and the child was immediately relieved of their fears.

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Brian is in Gresham, OR. He's wearing his harness and sitting on truncated domes. In the background, there are two sets of tracks and a railroad crossing sign.
Brian is laying down and chewing a bone on playground equipment in CR on the Oregon Campus.