October 2023 Pupdate for DeVito

Posted 10/19/2023

Hi from DeVito! DeVito has had lots of fun exploring the city this month and learning how to work in buildings! He loves targeting and finding things and wags his tail and stares at me with his sweet eyes when he locates them. In his down time, DeVito has enjoyed pretending to be a rabbit and loves to hop around the community run area with a bone in his month.

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DeVito, a tall male black Labrador, sits in front of a mural. The mural is full of pinks, purples, blues, and has a rainbow in it. He is wearing his leather guide dog harness and is looking at the camera.
DeVito, a tall male black Labrador, lays on a blue plastic play structure while chewing on a bone. He is in downward dog positioning and is looking away from the camera.