October 2023 Pupdate for Edelweiss

Posted 10/19/2023

Edelweiss is the cutest little girl! She is full of zest for life and we love spending time with her! She loves playing with all of her friends in community run and has enjoyed having a couple different roommates - most recently a female Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever cross.

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A portrait of Edelweiss, a petit female yellow Labrador Retriever sitting on a red play structure in community run. The background is a concrete floor and wall and there is cyclone fencing. There is a purple bone-shaped play structure behind her.
Edelweiss trots towards the camera in the community run area with a black and red figure-eight-shaped tug toy in her mouth. There is an ex-pen and the corner of a blue play structure to her left and kennel runs to her right. The ground and half-wall behind her is concrete and above the wall are leafy green trees and blue sky.