October 2023 Pupdate for Felipe

Posted 10/19/2023

Felipe is the most wonderful boy and I'm so proud of his progress with me. Felipe has worked in and navigated so many environments from different neighborhoods, cities, stores, and transit rides. He likes to go fast, but is also so careful of the person he is guiding. When he has BIG feelings, he will gently grab at my leash and hold it in his mouth while wiggling. He is also very good at letting it go when I ask :) I'm very excited to watch his career blossom and hopeful for a client match!

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Felipe sits, in harness, in an underground transit system below the Oregon Zoo. Behind him are the schedule and map info boards.
Felipe stands halfway inside an empty, blue kiddie pool in community run. His front feet are inside the pool and his is looking into the camera with what looks like an open-mouthed smile.