October 2023 Pupdate for Forsythe

Posted 10/19/2023

Forsythe is such a sweet guy; he is instantly loved by anyone that meets him. Whenever settled, he will curl up next to my feet and then, every once and awhile, he will look up .... as if to invite me to give him scratches or cuddles (to which I oblige). While I would have to say that 'cuddle time' is one of his favorite things, I must admit that cuddling with him is also one of MY favorite things.

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Forsythe, a yellow male Lab Golden Cross, sits on a sidewalk while wearing a Guide Dogs for the Blind harness. He smiles with his tongue out as he looks slightly off to the side. Behind him is a man-made pond with a fountain, trees and other shrubbery along with some houses.
Forsythe, a yellow male Lab Golden Cross, lies on a dog bed with his head tilted to one side while looking at the camera. He is in a home setting.