October 2023 Pupdate for Fortune

Posted 10/19/2023

Happy October from Fortune! Sweet "Tuna" (thanks to Fortune's puppy raisers for documenting this fun nickname that I now use for her!) has enjoyed learning many new guide work concepts over the last few weeks. As you can see from the photo, she has also mastered the art of photo bombing this month!

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Fortune, a female black lab, sits in front of green shrubbery that is covered in faux spider webs. Her top lip is caught on her bottom tooth, giving her a hilarious and adorable grin. She is looking directly at the camera while wearing a leather GDB harness.
Fortune, a female black lab, is caught mid leap with her ears flapped out to the side while jumping directly at the camera. She is playing in the GDB community run area with colorful play structures and various toys in the background.