October 2023 Pupdate for McGee

Posted 10/19/2023

Mr. McGee is enjoying his days back on campus. He gets daily cuddles, playtime and enrichment. McGee always loves a walk around campus or on the Oregon Trail, but his favorite thing is playtime and one on one attention from staff members. He is a social butterfly and brings joy and a big smile to everyone he interacts with. Our staff members have fallen in love with him and his sweet personality. He sends his love and puppy kisses your way!

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A portrait of McGee, a male black lab.  He is smiling up at the camera eagerly.  He is sitting in the community run area of the Oregon GDB campus and in the background there is a red play structure.
Male black lab, McGee, is playing in the community run area of GDB's Oregon campus.  He is running towards the camera with his eyes closed and is holding a lime green tug toy in his mouth.  It is an action shot so both McGee and the toy are catching air.