October 2023 Pupdate for Narwhal

Posted 10/19/2023

Look out Energizer Bunny, there's a new mascot in town! We're not sure what kind of batteries Narwhal uses in his permanently wagging tail, but whatever they are, we want them for our TV remotes and smoke alarms. Narwhal’s spirits can never be extinguished, and his contagious tail-wagging makes us feel even more lucky to have him around. We love to watch the gears spin in his head as he problem-solves and thinks throughout the day.

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Male brindle black lab, Narwhal, lays down in his GDB harness on a sidewalk covered in bright yellow leaves that have fallen from an above tree. He looks at the camera wearing a stoic expression.
Male brindle black lab, Narwhal, lays on the ground in a community run area. He holds a plastic bone with his front paws and chews with a silly expression on his face as he looks at the camera with an open mouth.