October 2023 Pupdate for Pretoria

Posted 10/19/2023

Happy fall from Pretoria! It has been so fun to get to know Pretoria and her fun personality. She is so focused and is always ready to train, even on our rainy PNW days. In her downtime, Pretoria loves to play tug with all the dogs in community run and enjoys some great snuggles with her roommate. Looking forward to training this sweet girl!

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A yellow lab sits on a sidewalk in a harness looking into the camera.  Behind her is a painted mural depicting a green field and trees, yellow and blue cars from the 1950’s, and a blue sign that reads “Historic Downtown Gresham”
A yellow lab sits on a sidewalk looking up at the camera next to a bronze statue of a guide dog. Her brown lathe leash is wrapped around the statue.  The bronze statue is looking off to the side with a happy expression.  At the statue’s feet is a green tennis ball and a sign that reads “Driscoll, Dedicated to all the Service Dogs. Made possible with the generous support of Gresham Breakfast Lions Club, Gresham Centennial Committee, Heather and Rich Soderberg-Greene, Heart of Gorge Bronze, Soderberg Gallery Studio, Mayor Shane Bemis and Family, Gresham Outdoor Public Art 2016”