October 2023 Pupdate for Tostada

Posted 10/19/2023

Tostada spent this month studying hard, as she works on being the best girl she can be. Toast has gotten a new nickname this month: Toastley. We’re not “toast-ally” sure where this came from, but it suits her well as she continues to grow and learn. With all that being said, Tostada wastes no time balancing work and play, and she makes sure to make the most of each day here with us. She has had a blast exploring the ins and outs of Portland and the rich experiences on offer throughout the city. We’re loving to watch this girl grow up!

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Female yellow lab, Tostada, sits in her GDB harness on a sidewalk covered in bright yellow leaves that have fallen from a tree. She looks slightly to her right at the camera.
Female yellow lab, Tostada, lays on a set of green plastic stairs in a community run area. Her back legs stand up behind her on the descending set of stairs, while her front legs hold a bone that she chews on.