October 2023 Pupdate for Trevor

Posted 10/19/2023

Trev-dawg! What a boisterous boy, so full of energy and joy! Trevor thinks that everyday is the best day and truly believes that everyone here is his best friend. But he's not wrong... who can resist his cute face?! Trevor always enjoys a good romp around the play yards or an active game of tug. Trevor's vivacious energy is contagious and he puts a smile on our faces everyday. He is really enjoying life on campus!

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A portrait of large yellow Labrador, Trevor.  He is sitting in the concrete play area of the Oregon campus and there is a red play structure in the background.  Trevor is looking up towards the camera, looking very handsome.
An action shot of male yellow lab, Trevor.  He is pictured running towards the camera with a lime green tug toy in his mouth.  He is mid air and his ears are both flopping up.