October 2023 Pupdate for Volley

Posted 10/19/2023

Hi from Volley! Volley has loved exploring the city and learning how to work in buildings this month! I love her go-go-go attitude and can always count on her for a wiggle party after our routes together. Everyone tells me how cute she is when we are on campus or in town. In her free time, Volley likes to play a good game of tug with her friends and roommate in community run.

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Volley, a female yellow Labrador, sits in front of a mural. The mural is full of pinks, purples, blues, and has a rainbow in it. She is wearing her leather guide dog harness and is looking at the camera.
Volley, a female yellow Labrador, stands on a blue plastic play structure in community run. She is looking at the camera with her tongue out.